My name is Quartney, I am a self growth strategist, life coach practitioner and relationship lover!

Myself, my fiancé Phil and our two dogo’s, Mia & Luna, are based in the Waikato, NZ and we have a mission on the go!

We want to positively impact 1,000,000 couples across New Zealand! We want to break the taboo-ness around couples & communication and then also sex!

Every time you support us, know you are ALSO supporting at least one other small business! How so? We have made it our mission to make an impact and that doesn’t just stop with our products & service! Not only do we use a New Zealand Supplier for all of our online products but we also aim to include at least one product in each of our monthly boxes that support a new or growing small business! Every Box, Every Month! If our subscribers love their products we encourage you to purchase from them directly! Empowering each other is key! Ubuntu!

Myself and Phil used to do Date Nights Weekly – Every Wednesday! They were so important in our week, it was the time for us to have fun, choose what we wanted to do and treasure the time together! It worked out great until we ran out of stuff to do & the price of “going out to dinner” became a bit of a sting to the pocket! (Saving for our own home made us budget! Hard!) Surely there was more for us? Surely we didn’t have to change our date night to a Saturday just so we could plan more exciting dates that just cost us more money!? Life gets too busy… And that’s when it started!

As you can guess, nothing out there on the internet had what we wanted: Something to spark our spark back after weeks of nothing really interesting (or affordable) to do. I wanted something that built our connection and had cuddle time involved. It also had to be fun in one way or another. Phil & I both wanted to spend more time together, try new things and explore our interests. AKA Grow Together! And lets be honest, ALL good Date Nights end with a bang 😉 hehe

I wanted not only a website I could visit, preferably owned by someone local, but also a box that I could just order that took all of the thinking out of it for me. One that had a good mix of life tools, activity ideas, and intimate items! We are not the type of couple to go to a local sex store and “go shopping” … However if we got those items in a mystery Date Night box – Well … Best know we be trying! Because WHY NOT?? Our Relationship, Our Home, Our Bedroom and Our Choice. And Skadoosh! The idea was born and actioned! If what we needed wasn’t available to us, it meant we weren’t the only couple feeling stuck when it came to Date Nights. We needed a platform for couples to buy online taboo free items that were affordable, date night boxes available and building the connection with your partner for long term stick-ability was key!

This wasn’t “just” a fun time we spent together during the week. It was an investment we made for ourselves and each other. We decided that WE were important enough to schedule in time for. WE were important enough to spend time and money on. We knew that if we didn’t keep time aside for each other and continuously worked on our communication together we would hit the roadblock of “stagnant”. That wasn’t an option for us and now its not for you either!

Please join us on our journey as we aim to impact the lives of 1,000,000 Couples across New Zealand!

If you have any questions, special requests or generally want to find out more – Please let us know 🙂

To all our amazing friends and family who have supported us throughout, Thank You!

All Our Love,
Quartney, Phil, Mia and Luna