A date night subscription box that takes a whole life, couple-centered approach.

This box is not just an awesome idea… It’s made just for couples!

Each box is created with the intention to encourage, inspire and transform not only your Date Nights but also your relationship! Boxes are created monthly with only the best intentions! Here at Date Night NZ we want to help you create effective communication within your relationship. Work on ourselves and with each other & Get that spark back! Connect with your partner on a whole new level! Or should we say… All levels!?

This time, do it with ease and let us do the hard work for you! We love it!

Enjoy the flexibility! Do activities all at once for THE BEST DATE NIGHT EVER or spread them over 4 weeks!

Get creative, loosen up, learn together, become a power couple of your own! Each box comes with a “Life Tool” integrated into either our fun activities, growth notes or leisure items. These are added specifically for couples to help us on our never-ending journey as a team. Let’s naturally include communication, boundaries, respect and love. We know there are always ups and downs so why not get some handy tools in that belt of yours! And this time those tools arrive signed, sealed delivered and Life Coach Approved!

Connect in the privacy of your own home! As couples, we shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to spend time together. Why so serious? Let’s have some fun! Nor should we be worried about what other people think. No one knows what happens in our bedrooms so why worry about it!

We keep things interesting but simple just for you. Boxes contain a mix of both intimate and non-intimate goodies! Great for everyone!

Each box will cover 3 important needs for creating a healthy relationship; Fun, Growth, and Sexuality. Each box will also support one new or growing NZ small business, included in each box will be a mystery item from their stock selection with their contact details attached, should you wish to purchase from them directly in the future!

You’ll fall in love with these! Give them a try! You won’t regret it.

If you are a same-sex couple please let us know! (Contents of boxes may vary and no need getting something of no use to you!) *Any allergies please also advise.*

We want to positively impact 1,000,000 couples across New Zealand! and we can’t do that without YOU & YOURS!

Need to knows:
* Boxes are sent out for the first week of every month. Please be patient on the arrival of your box, any delays will be due to local circumstances.
* Orders for next month’s box cut off on the 15th of every month. For example, all orders for March Boxes cut off on the 15th of February and so forth.
* Please make sure the address you use for delivery is correct – we will not replace boxes sent to incorrect addresses.

WE ONLY SHIP WITHIN NEW ZEALAND – We hope to extend internationally soon!

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