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Buzzed Bands by Kheeper Games


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Buzzed Bands

These are hilarious to give to each guests as soon as they arrive!

Each person wears their band through out the evening (or put it on their drink) And then just do what your band tells you to.

Examples: Make animal sounds to communicate or take a drink…. So anytime you are having a conversation you need to be making an animal sound of some description or take a drink

(Free Animal Noise: “Inch Inch” – Congratulations your officially an Inch Worm haha Your Welcome)

When the player with the band “Switch Bands” switches with you- you both need to do what the new band tells you to do.
Game continues until someone wins by getting the “switch bands” band 3 times.

Easy, fun game for the Bachelor or Bachelorette Party. Really any party, function where there is drinking involved.

10 bands per package


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