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Kegel Balls by Share Satisfaction CLIO


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CLIO is manufactured by Share Satisfaction now known as New Zealand’s leading sex toy brand!

What are these things!? – Kegel Balls are made for woman as a tool to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and get results! Love Balls Blog explains it perfectly;

Kegel balls do not hurt and are not uncomfortable, although they are likely to feel different than anything you’ve experienced in the past.

  • First, lie down on your bed or another comfortable place and relax.
  • Rub some water-based lubricant on each of the balls to make them easier to insert.
  • In a slow and steady manner, insert the first Kegel ball while still lying down.
  • Insert the ball as far as you can or as far as you feel comfortable with.
  • If the balls are attached together by a string, you can tuck that string inside the vagina as well.
  • Start to insert the second ball just as you did the first one, remaining relaxed.
  • Once the second ball is inserted, leave the main string hanging outside of your body, much as you would a tampon string.

Once the Kegel balls are inside of you, start by performing a few Kegel exercises so that you can get used to the balls and to make sure that you’re comfortable proceeding. Once you feel comfortable, you can continue with your Kegel exercises or get up and go about your day. ” – Love Balls (Blog)

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If you have never heard of them before we would highly suggest watching a beginner’s guide! We have done you a favour and found a guide that explains all you need to know to do your Kegel Excises correctly! This video is presented by Pelvic Floor Physio, Michelle, who is also an author of international best-selling books for pelvic floor safe exercises for women! Wow-Wi!

Did we mention that CLIO is perfect for beginners? Have fun ladies!


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